I am back here

I just realize I am still paying for this site domain, and I should keep it going. 

I’ve been doing a lot of GeoAI, remote sensing imagery processing, open-source or open sauced machine and deep learning tool development at Development Seed. I got inspired on a daily base here and would love to record and write more work kinds of stuff.

I’ve been painting a lot too. I also went to attend many local art shows in the past two years. I sold a couple of my paintings and donated all the money to a friend’s free English program in Cambodia.

I’ve still been climbing a little but I’m not super motivated since I’ve been plateaued for a long term. I may need to do some aggressive training programs. Nay, let’s not do go that route yet.

I may come back here to write more about geo & satellite machine learning and art things. Let’s narrow down to ” ART <> MAP, and anything between”, probably I will plug-in climbing here occasionally ;-).
Stay warm!

Stay warm!