About the author: Zhuang-Fang Yi, PhD


大家好,我是依庄防(来自中国云南西双版纳,是少数民族-傣族),我现在是Development Seed的机器学习算法工程师。Development Seed是一个致力于利用开源、遥感、地理信息和机器学习回馈社会、建设美好社区和家园的公司。我们的主要客户是美国航天航空局、世界银行,还有其他非常多的环保组织和人道主义组织。

我的博士学位授予单位是中国科学院,研究方向是生态经济学。在成为机器学习工程师之前,我在世界农用林业中心和昆明植物研究所, 中科院西双版纳热带植物园从事研究工作。到目前为止发表的大小科研论文为21篇。我现在的工作主要偏向于利用深度学习或者其他机器学习做图像识别,分类,语义分割等等。


Yi is Machine Learning Engineer at Development Seed. https://developmentseed.org/blog/2017/08/25/welcome-zhuangfang-nana-yi/

Yi earned a Ph.D. in Ecological Economics in 2012 and has applied geospatial analysis and satellite imagery processing in her various academic works since 2010. Before she worked as a data science and data engineering consultant, Yi was a research scientist in quantitative ecology and has 21 publications to date. Yi specialized in applying machine learning and neural nets to image classification, segmentation and object detection.

Asking good questions and building useful tools from big data to help people make good decisions is what she cares the most.


Email Zhuangfang (依庄防).
More of my research and resume:

Google Scholar profile

Her Github repositories.

Blogs that cover her data processing work: Geoyi.org.

Here are some certificates and you could see more through Zhuangfang’s LinkedIn profile:


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