About the author: Zhuang-Fang Yi, PhD


Yi is a US permanent resident (US green card holder).

Yi earned a Ph.D. in Ecological Economics in 2012 and has applied geospatial analysis and satellite imagery processing in her various academic works since 2010. Before she worked as a data science and data engineering consultant, Yi was a research scientist in quantitative ecology and has 21 publications to date. Yi specialized in applying machine learning and neural nets to image classification, segmentation and object detection. She is seeking to transit to the industry as a full-time data scientist.

Asking good questions and building useful tools from big data to help people make good decisions is what she cares the most.

Email Zhuangfang (依庄防).
More of my research and resume:

Google Scholar profile

Her Github repositories.

Blogs that cover her data processing work: Geoyi.org.

Here are some certificates and you could see more through Zhuangfang’s LinkedIn profile:


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