Geo-Case 2: analyzing a household hazardous waste participant for a NGO

Case description: The Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) is a non-profit organization (NGO) that into environmental protection. Recently, PRC is helping homeowners in many counties in Pennsylvania collecting and disposing of common household products such as paint, solvents, automotive fluids, pesticides, insecticides, and cleaning chemicals, which could not recycling easily. To better develop education and outreach materials response to their work,they want to map out the participants who are volunteering for the program.

Geospatial skill needed: Geocoding.

Data: In this study, only zipcode of the household participants have been recorded. 

Result: the location

Geocode household hazardous waste

In this case study, only participants around Allegheny county are presented. The result shows that more people who can access to PRC are more willing need to participant the program at this point. 

I would try to write more blogs here. The purposes are:

  1. wanna get better on writing in English;
  2. trying to sale my Geospatial analysis skill to the potential employers and customers;
  3. Put up the geospatial cases I’ve done and passion about, and would help me to build my own GEO case file in the future.

I am doing case study instead of putting up the programming,coding and mapping skill, because I believe that mapping is a kinda art and you won’t really interested in how I made them.If you are interesting in these skills, you could contact me for lectures, mapping and analysis work through: Any language editing, case presenting and map cartography comments are welcomed.

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